March 9 – October 13

 Japanese American Museum of San Jose, 535 N. Fifth St
San Jose, CA 95112

Agrarianaa @ Japanese American Museum of San Jose

12:00 pm–4:00 pm

Agrarianaa: Art Inspired by APA Agricultural Roots is a multimedia exhibition in San Jose and San Francisco featuring artists and farmers rooted in the rich history of Asian Pacific American agricultural crafts, legacies and present-day community placemaking. Artists in the show reflect on ancestral farming and gardening practices, addressing topics such as migrant labor, environmental activism, land and food sovereignty. Each exhibition includes artists who highlight how a regenerative agricultural ecosystem can sprout into the resilient spaces necessary to heal and thrive in community.

AAWAA and the Japanese American Museum of San Jose (JAMsj) present the multidisciplinary art exhibition Agrarianaa featuring 9 local and national artists inspired by the rich history of Japanese American agricultural crafts, legacies and present-day community placemaking. Artwork will include paintings, sculptures, films and multimedia installations inspired by a diverse range of subjects including artists’ own family farms along the west coast, local activities such as strawberry picking, agriculture-related mythological figures such as the Goddess of Rice and kitsune (fox), the contemporary relationship of farming labor practices and eco-justice, and the agricultural connection between Japan the Americas.

Agrarianaa artworks will be in dialogue with the permanent collection of the JAMsj, which chronicles more than a century of Japanese American history. Visitors will learn about early immigration of Japanese to America, their leadership in the agricultural community, their incarceration during World War II and the challenges they faced, while adapting and contributing to West Coast communities.

Curators: Diana Li, Erina C Alejo, Michelle A. Lee

Participating Artists: Shari DeBoer, Judy Shintani, Reiko Fujii, Tina Kashiwagi, Mitsuko Brooks, General Sisters, Sita Bhaumik, Lucien Kubo, Yurika Chiba



Asian American Women Artists Association

Our mission is to advance the visibility and recognition of Asian American women in the arts. Through exhibitions, publications, public programs and an informative website, AAWAA is an accessible resource and portal for educators academics, researchers, arts and social justice communities and the general public. Based in San Francisco, AAWAA has consistently promoted both local and national efforts to achieve its mission, defining and redefining the contributions of Asian American women artists since its founding in 1989 by noted regional artists Betty Kano and Flo Oy Wong along with Mills College professor Moira Roth and artist Bernice Bing. Established as a 501(c)3 nonprofit in 2007, AAWAA has evolved from a close-knit community organization into a respected producer of consistent high-quality multidisciplinary art exhibitions, community art projects, publications, and programming reaching diverse local and national audiences.



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